We are a small machine shop that has been in manufacturing for the last 25 years.  Since I started my apprenticeship 15 years ago I’ve been mucking around with making my own bike parts.  As the technology became more advanced, so did my mucking around.  There has been a variety of parts that have been tested and tried, like disk rotors, stems, bar end caps, pedals, caliper risers, valve caps, seat clamps and the latest one is the integrated top crown and stem.

The reason behind the name is basically after making my first set of pedals, I crashed my bike due to pedal failure!!  The shaft broke under full pedal power, which resulted in me smacking my nuts on the stem and taking Chunks out of my shin.  That’s when I thought about the name, well not straight away, after my nuts dropped back down and my shin stopped bleeding, that’s when I thought, if I ever go into production, I’m naming my company after something that happens to me a lot, and that’s getting Chunked!

I’m a rider that has the opportunity to do what he loves, and that’s making quality bike parts.  The King Crown has gone through a lot of prototypes to get to where it is now. One thing I discovered is that there is no way I’m going to be able to please everybody with all of the parts I’ve produced, but every part manufactured has had a lot of input from riders.  So as time goes on, we will strive to listen to rider input and continue to improve the products we manufacture.